We are looking for an experienced Restaurant / Bar Manager to oversee the daily operations of our Restaurant / Bar as well as provide strategic direction. You will plan and supervise the activities of an extensive and diverse workforce to ensure the smooth and profitable running of business.

  • Responsibilities
  • Supervise work at all levels (receptionists, kitchen staff, maids, office employees etc.) and set clear objectives.
  • Plan activities and allocate responsibilities to achieve the most efficient operating model.
  • Manage budgets/expenses, analyze and interpret financial information and monitor sales and profits.
  • Communicate with customers when appropriate (welcome them in the facilities, address their complaints, find solutions to problems, offer information etc.)
  • Deal with maintenance issues, shortages in staff or equipment, renovations etc.
  • Collaborate with external parties such as suppliers, travel agencies, event/conference planners etc.
  • Inspect facilities regularly and enforce strict compliance with health and safety standards.
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We are looking for an experienced Chef to join our team and delight our customers.

  • Responsibilities
  • Cook food in a timely manner.
  • Ensure attractive food presentation.
  • Maintain a kitchen schedule and inform the wait staff about daily specials.
  • Ensure to maintain health and safety regulations within the kitchen.
  • Manage relationships with distributors, monitor food stock and place orders.
  • Check freshness of food and discard the out-dated items.
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