Halloween Best Dressed Competition

Halloween Best Dressed Competition


Best part of Halloween is to get dressed up to communicate one’s fantasy selves. Manly Deck will be in charge of the Halloween Costume Contest held at Manly Village’s Halloween Parade on Saturday, 28th October.

Fun Begins here! Show off your talent and stand a chance to win exciting prizes worth $2000. Register now!

Halloween Costume Contest Registration Form

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All contestants must:

  • Complete the entry form above or hand in to volunteers on location before 2:00pm on the day
    of the parade.
  • Be present to win.
  • Not touch or harass other parade participants or onlookers in any way
  • Congregate at IGA Carpark by 2:00pm before the start of the parade to receive
    their bib to display during the parade for easy identification by judges.
  • Head back to the IGA Carpark immediately after participation in the parade,
    where the winner of each category will be selected and notified. It is anticipated that this
    will occur between 4:30pm and 5:00pm however this will be subject to change.
  • After judging, all contestants make your way to the top of Cambridge Parade to be a part of the Main Parade. Main Parade starts at 6:00pm
  • At the end of the Main Parade, advised winners of each section, make your way to the northern side of the Wynnum Herald Main Stage and wait to be called onto the stage for prize presentation.
  • Listen for any changes that will be announced over the loud speaker – it is the responsibility
    of contestants to listen out for these
  • Advise organisers if you do not wish to be photographed during the event. Photographs may
    be used in future marketing and promotional materials for Manly Harbour Village.

Violation of the above policies will result in disqualification from the contest
I understand and agree to ALL of the policies listed above and consequences that will occur by
violating these policies.